Modern underwear for today’s hustlers and tomorrow’s strivers 

Founded in 2022, Gallantly is a contemporary Australian underwear brand for the urban human who wants it all, plus more. 

Inspired by comfort, quality and timeless design, Gallantly was born from a desire to have a daily under suit of armour that makes the wearer feel confident, supported, powerful and in total control. 

Gallantly empowers you to be bold and brave – just like you deserve to be. 

Designed with comfort and style 

Our eco-friendly lyocell fabric is breathable, durable and super soft on your skin, with superior moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties to keep you feeling comfortable and fresh all day long. 

Always live a life on your terms. It all starts here. 

Designed to keep up with your pace. 

Stride Gallantly every day. Because you should. 

Never leave your home feeling anything less than powerful. It all starts with the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you remove at night: your Gallantly underwear. 

Wear them proudly #BeGallantly

Never save your favourite underwear for special occasions.

When you’re hustling every day, you need certainty in your stride. 

Every day is your own opportunity. 

Make confidence the first thing you put on with Gallantly and live life on your terms without compromise. 

Be Bold.

Be Brave.

Be Gallantly.